Raspberry Pi Powered Laser Engraver


I have always wanted a CNC laser cutter.

This project was based on the excellent tutorial found here. The tutorial details how to use two old DVD RW disk drives, a Raspberry Pi minicomputer, and some other small assorted compnents to build a working laser engraver. I essentially just followed this tutorial word for word in the construction of my own engraver, with a few small modifications to the software. The software is implemented in a python script running on the RPi which reads GCode CNC instruction files. The software then drives the dual stepper motors cio the GPIO pins on the Pi. I also wrote a small python script for another computer which is capable of remotely sending commands and GCode files to the Pi. Hence, with a WiFi card the engraver is essentially completely wireless, apart from power. For further details, I defer to the above mentioned tutorial. My code is available here.