creatR is a powerful 2D physics simulator for iPad.

Watch the Tutorial.

Using its easy-to-learn interface, even those with no physics background will be making complex simulations in no time. With simple tools, you can make just about anything.


  • Zoom and Pan in an endless world
  • Motorized and Non-Motorized Pins
  • NEW! Change direction and speed of motors
  • Rivet joint
  • Rod joint
  • Gesture support for resizing and rotating shapes
  • Save and Load your best creations
  • Rectangles and Circles
  • Static and Dynamic Shapes
  • Easily set attributes such as Mass and Friction using sliders
  • Precision editing
  • Choose if you want your simulation accurate, fast, or somewhere in between
  • Uses the full-featured Chipmunk Physics, the same engine used in other acclaimed iOS games